After many years as an SAP consultant, I am still searching for that website that can be a one-stop platform for all SAP related resources and knowledge sharing. Some exists already, forums also but : the free content is always filled with disturbing ads and never really well curated. Forums are useful but they are not intended to be elearning platforms either.
So, I decided to put all my acquired knowledge online, partially for free and then as a trainer I decided to create courses and sell them for a very reasonable price. But I think that people should be members and receive content regularly on a weekly or monthly basis.
So, although online courses will be available for purchase as separate services, I want to focus on a paid subscription for members who are happy to follow this platform at the pace of its publications.

“One, who acquires knowledge and then pass it on to others, gets all his wishes fulfilled and achieves success, happiness and prosperity in his life.”
Atharva Veda

SAPSPHERE is an online platform to help you become an SAP ERP ECC Expert.

Our ambition is to become the platform of reference for all your functional needs, while also covering some key technical aspects.

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”
Benjamin Franklin

The elearning content is created:

  • for byte size consumption in the form of micro-learning series but also
  • as a repository of curated and classified contents, to reference any topic at any time through the navigation and search tools and finally
  • as fullly formated courses available by business processes

Aiming high!
Suggestions to improve the platform are always welcome:

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Its primary intention is to focus only on SAP ECC6 Business suite components.

  • it's not intended to cover other SAP products knowledge
  • it's therefore not intended to cover S/4 HANA topics

However, if the content you are looking for is not available, please check the publication Roadmap

  • For anyone with a basic knowledge of what is SAP and how to navigate from one transaction to another.
  • It's for people who are using SAP on a regular basis and want to become expert in their field.
  • It's for you who want to build his/her knowledge and know-how around SAP ECC logistics components

The platform is organized in 3 sections, although you will not necessarily notice this while seamlessly navigating the pages

Access by with for
PUBLIC Anyone no login required Free accessing the free content
PRIVATEUsers login required Free includes private content
PREMIUMMembers login required Paid subsciption includes private and premium content

The same logic applies to the LIBRARY content.

If the content you are looking for is not available, please check the publication Roadmap

Courses are organized by business processes. These processes belongs to End-To-End business process groups, also called streams.
Refering to the SAP terminology, we will focus on:

  • PTM: Plan-To-Make
  • OTC: Order-To-Cash
  • PTP: Purchase-To-Pay
  • PTI: Plan-To-Inventory

and also PLM for processes related to Product Lifecycle Management

Access the Courses

  1. As a public user you have access to the Public Library
  2. As a registered User, you have access to both the Public and Private Library
  3. As a Member you have access to all libraries and therefore to the Premium Library

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Depending on what you want to access on this platform, you could remain a public visitor or decide to become a:

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  • Connect the dots,
  • Deep dive,
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All the content of this platform has been built with the membership access in mind. Meaning that you will only have access to all its contents if you become a member. We believe that, the fee is right. It will cost you a pair of shoes for a full year access! And with what you'll learn, we do believe that it will add a lot of miles to your career counter.
Step in, look at the roadmap and follow the pace of publications.

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How to pay

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