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E ==== Easy step-by-step scenario\\ \\ <btn type="primary">[[sapsphere:series:easypractice|Discover]]</btn>... functionalities, Empower yourself\\ \\ <btn type="primary">[[sapsphere:series:powerof|Explore]]</btn> </cap... ECH ==== All your technical needs\\ \\ <btn type="primary">[[sapsphere:series:saptech|Have a look]]</btn> <... ol xs="12" md="3"> <thumbnail> <well> <TEXT type="primary" size="x-large" align="center"> {{fa>puzzle-piece
BPML Overview @sapsphere
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ece}} [[#pti|PTI]] <pane id="plm"> <TEXT type="primary" size="large" align="center"> **Product Lifecycle... col> </grid> </pane> <pane id="otc"> <TEXT type="primary" size="large" align="center"> **Order-To-Cash (OT... col> </grid> </pane> <pane id="ptm"> <TEXT type="primary" size="large" align="center"> **Plan-To-Make (PTM... col> </grid> </pane> <pane id="ptp"> <TEXT type="primary" size="large" align="center"> **Purchase-To-Pay (
About SAPSPHERE @sapsphere
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k&250 |}} </col> </row> ====What it's not==== Its primary intention is to focus __only on SAP ECC6__ Busine... "modalstripe"> Online invoice </btn> | <btn type="primary" icon="fa fa-paypal" size="md">[[https://paypal.m
What's on
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learning"> <col xs="12" md="6"> \\ \\ <TEXT type="primary" size="xx-large" align="left"> [[sapsphere:faq|SA
archive @news
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<TEXT align="center"> <btn type="primary" size="x-large"> [[news:blog|Blog]] </btn> </TEXT> {{archive>new
profile @sapsphere
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<TEXT type="primary" size="x-large" align="center">Become a ...</TEXT> \\ <grid> <col xs="3" sm="2"> </col>
PTM: Planning @sapsphere:courses:ptm
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<hidden> ==PTM: Planning== </hidden> <TEXT type="primary" size="x-large" align="center"> {{fa>graduation-c