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BPML Overview @sapsphere
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=== BPML Overview ==== ((Business Process Master List (BPML), End-To-End Business Processes in SAP)) <... anel type="info" title="PLM" icon="fa fa-cubes"> <list-group> * Materials Management * ECM Engineering * PP Master Data * HR Master data </list-group> </panel> </col> <col xs="1" md="3"> </col>... l type="info" title="OTC" icon="fa fa-folder-o"> <list-group> * Sales Master Data * Customer Order M
About SAPSPHERE @sapsphere
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HAT" icon="fa fa-check-square-o" no-body="true"> <list-group> * [[faq#what_it_is|What is SAPSPHERE?]] ... [[faq#now_what|What happens after I register?]] </list-group> </panel> </col> <col md="4"> <panel type="... WHO" icon="fa fa-check-square-o" no-body="true"> <list-group> * [[faq#about_sapsphere|Who is behind SA... aq#library_access|Who can access the library?]] </list-group> </panel> </col> <col md="4"> <panel type="
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arge" align="center"> **PUBLIC** </TEXT> </well> <list-group> * {{fa>question?18&fw}} HELP * {{fa>... lip?18&fw}} [[pub:lib:helppdfs|PDF Help files]] </list-group> </thumbnail></col> <col xs="12" md="3"><th... rge" align="center"> **PRIVATE** </TEXT> </well> <list-group> * {{fa>trophy?18&fw}} [[pri:lib:bp|Best ... S]] * {{fa>rocket?18&fw}} [[pri:lib:ehp|EHP]] </list-group> </thumbnail></col> <col xs="12" md="3"><th
BPML Overview @sapsphere
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ew ==== ((<tooltip title="Business Process Master List" location="top">BPML</tooltip> End-To-End Process