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col md="4"> <panel type="info" title="WHAT" icon="fa fa-check-square-o" no-body="true"> <list-group> * [[faq#what_it_is|What is SAPSPHERE?]] * [[faq#a... <col md="4"> <panel type="info" title="WHO" icon="fa fa-check-square-o" no-body="true"> <list-group> * [[faq#about_sapsphere|Who is behind SAPSPHERE?]]
BPML Overview @sapsphere
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-To-End Business Processes in SAP)) <tabs> * {{fa>puzzle-piece}} [[#ptm|PTM]] * {{fa>puzzle-piece}} [[#plm|PLM]] * {{fa>puzzle-piece}} [[#otc|OTC]] * {{fa>puzzle-piece}} [[#ptp|PTP]] * {{fa>puzzle-piece}} [[#pti|PTI]]
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~~NOCACHE~~ \\ {{fa>coffee?color=#D1D1D1}} <text size="larger">**Micro-Learning**</text> \\ * [[saps... * [[sapsphere:series:saptech|SAP TECH]] \\ \\ {{fa>graduation-cap?color=#D1D1D1}} <text size="larger... *Courses**</text> \\ <nav> * PRODUCTION * {{fa>folder-o?18&fw}} [[sapsphere:courses:ptm:planning|Planning]] * {{fa>folder-o?18&fw}} [[sapsphere:courses:ptm:executio
PTM: Planning @sapsphere:courses:ptm
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T type="primary" size="x-large" align="center"> {{fa>graduation-cap?27&color=grey}} **Production Plann... nolink |}} \\ <hidden> ====SOP==== <tabs> * {{fa>graduation-cap}} [[#soplessons|Lessons]] * {{fa>map}} [[#sopprocess|Flowchart]] * {{fa>puzzle-piece}} [[#sopbpml|BPML]] <pane id="sopbpml"> \\ <c
What's on
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xl="2"> </col> <col xs="12" xl="8"> <tabs> * {{fa>laptop}} [[#elearning|E-LEARNING]] * {{fa>newspaper-o}} [[#blog|BLOG]] * {{fa>cubes}} [[#services|SERVICES]] * {{fa>address-card-o}} [[#contact|CONTACT]] <pane id="elearning">
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EXT type="muted" size="x-large" align="center"> {{fa>institution?27}} **LIBRARY** </TEXT> \\ <grid> <c... r"> **PUBLIC** </TEXT> </well> <list-group> * {{fa>question?18&fw}} HELP * {{fa>globe?18&fw}} [[pub:lib:helpextracts|Online help (extracts)]] * {{fa>paperclip?18&fw}} [[pub:lib:helppdfs|PDF Help fil
1st QUARTER @sapsphere
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12" md="8"> <TEXT type="muted" align="center"> {{fa>map?color=#D1D1D1}} **2022 ROADMAP** </TEXT> \\ {... RTER === \\ <panel title="MARCH" icon="text-muted fa fa-calendar"> |Micro-Learning| Easy Practice: [[sapsphere:series:easypractice|Easy Planning]] | <tex... <accordion> <panel title="APRIL" icon="text-muted fa fa-calendar"> |Micro-Learning| SAP TECH series :
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path, combine approaches </TEXT> \\ <tabs> * {{fa>coffee?18&color=#D1D1D1}} [[#microlearning|Micro-Learning]] * {{fa>graduation-cap?18&color=#D1D1D1}} [[#courses|Courses]] * {{fa>diamond?18&color=#6A5BB9}} [[#expertise|Expertise... T type="primary" size="x-large" align="center"> {{fa>puzzle-piece?27&color=#D1D1D1}} **PTM** </TEXT> <
PDF Help files @pub:lib
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===== PDF Help files ===== {{fa>warning?&color=#f0ad4e}} //Includes either version <text type="warning">4.0 or 4.6C</text>// \\ \\ <tabs> * {{fa>folder-o?27}} [[#pp|PP]] * {{fa>folder-o?27}} [[#sd|SD]] * {{fa>folder-o?27}} [[#lo|LO]] * {{fa>folder-o?27}} [[#apo|APO]] * {{
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<well> {{fa>newspaper-o?72&color=white}}\\ <text type="muted" size="xx-large"> [[news:blog|News]] </t... ell> <well> <text type="muted" size="x-large"> {{fa>calendar?32&color=white}} \\ [[blog#what's_on|Wh... align="center"> [[|{{fa>twitter?36&}}]] \\ Follow us </TEXT> </caption> <... ://|{{fa>youtube-play?36&fw}}]] \\ YouTube Channel </TEXT>
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r construction**\\ //Thanks for your patience// {{fa>cog?spin}} </callout> ===sitelaunch=== <callou... t ready yet, thanks for your patience ;-)**\\ **{{fa>arrow-right}} check the publication [[sapsphere:roadmap|Roadmap]]** {{fa>map?18&fw&color=#D1D1D1}} </callout>
EASY PLANNING @sapsphere:series
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PIR, MPS and MRP \\ \\ <btn type="success" icon="fa fa-gamepad"> [[pub:hnd:easyplanning| Easy Planning]]</btn> </col> </row> </jumbotron> <TEXT align=... ign="center">[[|{{fa>youtube-play?18&fw}}]]</TEXT>
Power of MD04 @sapsphere:series
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<TEXT type="muted" size="large" align="center">{{fa>play-circle-o?18&color=grey}} MD04 - Material Ma... <TEXT type="muted" size="large" align="center">{{fa>play-circle-o?18&color=grey}} MD04 - Displaying ... ign="center">[[|{{fa>youtube-play?18&fw}}]]</TEXT>
COURSES @sapsphere
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"lg" collapse="emailtraining">email us</button> {{fa>paper-plane-o}} <collapse id="emailtraining" coll... g" collapse="emailconsulting">email us</button> {{fa>paper-plane-o}} <collapse id="emailconsulting" co
ONLINE HELP (extracts) @pub:lib
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versions of SAP online help" no-body="true" icon="fa fa-folder-o"> <panel-body> <callout type="warning" icon="true"> **WARNING**\\ //These files have bee
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BPML Overview @sapsphere
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Navigating the IMG @sapsphere:series
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