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edsap.png?nolink&200 |}}</row> ~~NOTOC~~ <row> <col xl="2"> </col> <col xs="12" xl="8"> <tabs> * {{fa>laptop}} [[#elearning|E-LEARNING]] * {{fa>newspaper-o}} [[#blo... -o}} [[#contact|CONTACT]] <pane id="elearning"> <col xs="12" md="6"> \\ \\ <TEXT type="primary" size="
About SAPSPHERE @sapsphere
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">//Atharva Veda//</TEXT> </well> ---- <grid> <col md="4"> <panel type="info" title="WHAT" icon="fa ... pens after I register?]] </list-group> </panel> </col> <col md="4"> <panel type="info" title="WHO" icon="fa fa-check-square-o" no-body="true"> <list-group> ... an access the library?]] </list-group> </panel> </col> <col md="4"> <panel type="info" title="WHY" icon
BPML Overview @sapsphere
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Lifecycle Management (PLM)** </TEXT> \\ <grid> <col xs="1" md="3"> </col> <col xs="10" md="6"> <panel type="info" title="PLM" icon="fa fa-cubes"> <list-group> * Materials Ma... Data * HR Master data </list-group> </panel> </col> <col xs="1" md="3"> </col> </grid> </pane> <pan
Navigating the IMG @sapsphere:series
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<grid> <col xs="0" md="2"> </col> <col xs="12" md="8"> \\ <TEXT type="muted" size="x-large" align="center">**All your technical needs**... apsphere:series:welcometech.png?500&nolink | }} </col> <col xs="0" md="2"> </col> </grid> \\ \\ <grid>
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Expertise]] <pane id="microlearning"> \\ <row> <col xs="12" md="4"> <well> {{ asypractice|Discover]]</btn> </caption> </well> </col> <col xs="12" md="4"> <well> {{ :thebrainstudentmd04.png?nolink |}} <caption> ==== POWER OF... ==== U... ries:powerof|Explore]]</btn> </caption> </well> </col> <col xs="12" md="4"> <well> {{ :welcometech.png
Power of MD04 @sapsphere:series
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<grid> <col xs="0" md="2"> </col> <col xs="12" md="8"> \\ <TEXT type="muted" size="x-large" align="center">**Unveil all functionalities... \ \\ {{ :thebrainstudentmd04.png?500&nolink |}} </col> <col xs="0" md="2"> </col> </grid> \\ \\ <jumbo
COURSES @sapsphere
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<jumbotron> <row> <col md="7"> ==== COURSES ==== Courses will soon be available for purchase <caption>... tion>:alerts#pagenotready&noheader}} </caption> </col> <col md="5"> {{ :laptopiconsmglass.png?nolink |sap expert}} </col> </row> </jumbotron> <jumbotron> <row> <col md="
EASY PLANNING @sapsphere:series
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~~NOTOC~~ <grid> <col xs="0" md="2"> </col> <col xs="12" md="8"> \\ <TEXT type="muted" size="x-large" align="center">**Easy to follow, step-by-st... apsphere:series:easyplanning.png?500&nolink |}} </col> <col xs="0" md="2"> </col> </grid> \\ ==== EASY
PTM: Planning @sapsphere:courses:ptm
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oduction Planning** </TEXT> ---- <hidden> <grid> <col sm="4"> * Budgeting and Forecasting * [[#DEM|... quirements Planning]] * Production scheduling </col> <col sm="8"> {{ :prodplanning.png?nolink |}} </col> </grid> </hidden> \\ {{ :sapsphere:courses:planningpro
tags @pub:lib
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<row> <col md="1"> </col> <col md="3"> <panel type="info" title="Tags Cloud"> ~~TAGCLOUD~~ </panel> </col> <col md="3"> <panel type="info" title="Words Clo
library @pub:lib
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a>institution?27}} **LIBRARY** </TEXT> \\ <grid> <col md="1"> </col> <col xs="12" md="4"><thumbnail> <well> <TEXT type="muted" size="large" align="center"> **PUBLIC** </T... pdfs|PDF Help files]] </list-group> </thumbnail></col> <col xs="12" md="3"><thumbnail> <well> <TEXT typ
1st QUARTER @sapsphere
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~~NOTOC~~ <col xs="0" md="2"> </col> <col xs="12" md="8"> <TEXT type="muted" align="center"> {{fa>map?color=#D1D1D1}} **2022 ROADMAP** </... cordion> \\ \\ === 3rd QUARTER === \\ \\ === 4th QUARTER === \\ </col> <col xs="0" md="2"> </col>
profile @sapsphere
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ge" align="center">Become a ...</TEXT> \\ <grid> <col xs="3" sm="2"> </col> <col xs="12" sm="9"> {{url> 900px,600px noborder }} </col> <col xs="3" sm="2"> </col> </grid>
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wing this page because : </TEXT></hidden> <row> <col xs="1" md="4"> </col> <col xs="10" md="4"> <panel type="warning" title="ERROR PAGES"> * 400 (The request is incorrect) ... 00 (There is an internal server error) </panel> </col> <col xs="1" md="4"> </col> </row> \\ {{ :htmlhel
BPML Overview @sapsphere
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**SAP ECC Logistics Expert** </TEXT> ---- <row> <col md="8"> <TEXT align="right"> <btn type="default"... on]] | Inventory Control | | | </datatable> </col> <col md="4"> {{ :sapstudent.png?nolink&270 |}} </col> </row> ==== BPML Overview ==== ((<tooltip title="Bu