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SY PRACTICE ==== Easy step-by-step scenario\\ \\ <btn type="primary">[[sapsphere:series:easypractice|Discover]]</btn> </caption> </well> </col> <col xs="12" md="4"> ... nveil all functionalities, Empower yourself\\ \\ <btn type="primary">[[sapsphere:series:powerof|Explore]]</btn> </caption> </well> </col> <col xs="12" md="4">
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="xx-large"> [[news:blog|News]] </text> </well> <btn type="muted" block="true"> [[news:blog|All Blog Posts]] </btn> \\ ====What's on==== <well> {{fa>calendar?32&co... 4materialmaster.mp4 |}} \\ <TEXT align="center"> <btn type="success">[[sapsphere:series:powerof#power_of_md04|The power of MD04]] </btn> </TEXT> </well> \\ ====Tags cloud==== <well> ~~
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ccess" title="How to pay" icon="fa fa-money"> | <btn type="success" icon="fa fa-cc-stripe" size="md" modal="modalstripe"> Online invoice </btn> | <btn type="primary" icon="fa fa-paypal" size="md">[[|PayPal]]</btn> | <btn type="default" icon="fa fa-exchange" size
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e> </TEXT> \\ <TEXT type="muted" align="center"> <btn type="info"> [[sapsphere:shop#courses|Courses]] </btn> <btn type="info"> [[sapsphere:shop#training|Training]] </btn> <btn type="info"> [[sapsphere:shop#consulting|Co
Power of MD04 @sapsphere:series
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/TEXT> \\ <jumbotron> <row> <col xs="12" md="6"> <btn>{{ sapsphere:series:md04material.png?direct&400 |Material Master}}</btn> </col> <col xs="12" md="6"> <TEXT type="muted" s... mbotron> <jumbotron> <row> <col xs="12" md="6"> <btn>{{ sapsphere:series:md04stocks.png?direct&400 |Stocks}}</btn> </col> <col xs="12" md="6"> <TEXT type="muted" s
BPML Overview @sapsphere
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T> ---- <row> <col md="8"> <TEXT align="right"> <btn type="default" size="sm" modal="logistics"> Logistics ?</btn> <btn type="default" size="sm" modal="levels"> Target levels </btn> </TEXT> \\ Follow the courses belonging to PP, M
PTM: Planning @sapsphere:courses:ptm
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="4"> Access all the lessons of this topic \\ \\ <btn type="success">[[pre:obs:ptm:ltp|LTP Lessons]]</btn> \\ \\ </col> <col sm="8"> {{ :sapsphere:courses:l... ="4"> Access all the lessons of this topic \\ \\ <btn type="success">[[pre:obs:ptm:mrp|MRP Lessons]]</btn> \\ \\ </col> <col sm="8"> {{ :sapsphere:courses:m
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blog:2021:03:live]] </pagelist> </hidden> \\ \\ <btn type="muted" block="true">[[news:archive|Archive]]</btn> \\
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<TEXT align="center"> <btn type="primary" size="x-large"> [[news:blog|Blog]] </btn> </TEXT> {{archive>news:blog?2021}}
Navigating the IMG @sapsphere:series
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2" md="6"> <jumbotron> **Complete series** \\ \\ <btn type="success" size="large">[[pre:obs:saptech|SAP TECH]]</btn> </jumbotron> </col> </grid> <jumbotron> ==== N
EASY PLANNING @sapsphere:series
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lanning scenario through PIR, MPS and MRP \\ \\ <btn type="success" icon="fa fa-gamepad"> [[pub:hnd:easyplanning| Easy Planning]]</btn> </col> </row> </jumbotron> <TEXT align="center"