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About SAPSPHERE @sapsphere
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that website that can be a one-stop platform for all SAP related resources and knowledge sharing. Some... earning platforms either. \\ So, I decided to put all my acquired knowledge online, partially for free ... res knowledge and then pass it on to others, gets all his wishes fulfilled and achieves success, happin... bition is to become the platform of reference for all your functional needs, while also covering some k
1st QUARTER @sapsphere
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asypractice|Easy Planning]] | <text type="muted">All</text> | |:::| Power of...[[sapsphere:series:powerof|MD04]] | <text type="muted">All /</text> <label type="muted">user</label> | |:::|... he_img|Navigating the IMG]] | <text type="muted">All /</text> <label type="info">member</label>| |:::|... h#img_logging|IMG logging]] | <text type="muted">All /</text> <label type="info">member</label>| |:::|
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nolink |}} <caption> ==== POWER OF... ==== Unveil all functionalities, Empower yourself\\ \\ <btn type=... h.png?nolink& |}} \\ <caption> ==== SAP TECH ==== All your technical needs\\ \\ <btn type="primary">[[s
PTM: Planning @sapsphere:courses:ptm
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ne id="ltplessons"> \\ <grid> <col sm="4"> Access all the lessons of this topic \\ \\ <btn type="succes... ne id="mrplessons"> \\ <grid> <col sm="4"> Access all the lessons of this topic \\ \\ <btn type="succes
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well> <btn type="muted" block="true"> [[news:blog|All Blog Posts]] </btn> \\ ====What's on==== <well>
Welcome @news
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ge where you'll get most of your answers. \\ ====All Posts==== {{pglist>/news:blog:2021:03 dsort}}
Navigating the IMG @sapsphere:series
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TEXT type="muted" size="x-large" align="center">**All your technical needs**</TEXT> \\ \\ {{ :sapsphere
Power of MD04 @sapsphere:series
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pe="muted" size="x-large" align="center">**Unveil all functionalities, Empower yourself**</TEXT> \\ \\